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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 11 Ravens vs. Steelers Recap

This past Sunday was week 11 in the 2012 NFL season. We saw a lot of good games this Sunday but the number 1 rivalry in the NFL is still on everyone’s minds. The Ravens-Steelers game was a serious knock down and sock ‘em type of football game. The Ravens knew they were going up against the best defense in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and they knew it was going to be an intense battle. I was really happy to see our offensive line step up.  They did a really good job. Plus, our defense really came around and shut down the Pittsburgh players. Roethlisberger being gone really helped us out. However, going up against the toughest defense in the league and being able to come out on top was something I found to be very impressive. I think John Harbaugh did a good job coaching that game. It was no doubt a tough fought game, but those are the games you HAVE to win. Some have said that the Ravens victory was a result of the Steelers being without Roethlisberger and I say it could be a true statement.  However, in football, you play one game at a time and the objective is always to win that game. Don’t worry about the previous games or your future games. Focus on the game at hand The Ravens did that and they won the game. Now, next time we play the Steelers, I don’t know if that’s going to happen again. It’s going to be a flip of the coin, because I still think Pittsburgh is one of the best teams in the national football league. We definitely have the capabilities, but we’ve also had some very serious injuries. We have overcome these setbacks so far and we’ve picked up some players who’ve really helped us out. On top of that, our special teams have played superb and our defense really stepped up their game. The game was close and I give credit to the coaches of both teams because they really did a phenomenal job.

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