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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am have a fun day planned today for Thankgiving! This morning I’m up bright and early, I have to be down at M&T bank stadium really early. Scott Garceau and I are broadcasting the Turkey Bowl which is a football game between Loyola High School and Calvert Hall High School. It’s been a tradition here in Baltimore. It’s been going on for so long I can’t tell you how many years. Scott and I have been doing it for 10-12 years now. It’s just a fun time to see on Thanksgiving Day. It brings everyone out and everyone is in a great mood. We enjoy watching the game and then we all leave and go home to delicious Turkey dinners.

My family will be here for dinner. My daughter, my grandson, my nieces and their families, we will have about 8 or 10 people at our table. We will sit around the table and lie about how great we used to be. We’ll have a real nice time.

This Saturday, the fun will continue because I have friends coming over to watch the Ohio State- Michigan game. One of my best friends, Ricky Volk who played at Michigan and played for the Colts with me, will be coming over. It’s a $10 bet and no points. I have been winning the last 5-6 years and he’s a little frustrated with it. I think Michigan has a great team and Ohio State is 11-0 right now. Irving Myers who’s the new coach there has done a great job getting these kids refocused after the tough year least year.

Thanksgiving is a time for Family. My wife is cooking dinner and she’s a fantastic cook. Family is really important to my wife and I and we cherish these times because we don’t have many left.


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