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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Franco Harris is a Keepr

Franco Harris was probably one of the great running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers ever.  He was in there with Terry Bradshaw and they played phenomenal. This past weekend was the anniversary of Harris’ immaculate reception and it has me fondly recalling the memory. I was at the game of the immaculate reception. The immaculate reception was a deflected ball that Harris caught and ran in for a touchdown. It was a phenomenal catch and a great run after the catch. The ball was almost on the ground and he caught it. It was so low and it was amazing. Some think that the ball touched the ground but I think it was just a great catch. They definitely went to and won the Super Bowl on that play itself. It is the play that made Franco Harris go down in NFL history and made him a Keepr.

Franco Harris was a very special athlete. He lasted a long time in the league and went to the pro-bowl 9 times during his career.  They had a great team. Chuck Noll was the coach who came from Baltimore over to Pittsburgh. He put the team together and got them really focused. They’ve done a pretty good job.

I knew a lot of Pittsburgh guys because I was born in Pittsburgh but grew up in Cleveland. So, when they played each other it was tough for me to decide who to cheer for.

In the 60’s, Pittsburgh wasn’t a great team and when we (Baltimore Colts) played them, they were an easier team to beat. Then, around the time of the immaculate reception that changed and they became a great team. Franco Harris deserves to be in the pro-football hall of fame, there’s no doubt about that. He really is an NFL Legend.

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